Play, audition, use …


A scrap bag can yield a variety of successes or failures when making quilts without purchasing additional fabric and sometimes those successes or failures can be mood related. It also shows you how much you tend to stick to the same colours when you buy fabric. One of my scrap bags seems is very “manly” with lots of brown, navy, cream and black. I plan to make a couple of gift quilts this year and after a day in my scrap bag, I’ve come up with a simple 9 patch block separated by navy 6 1/4″ squares. I’m not convinced, but I’m not ditching the idea either. Sometimes it’s all in the finishing. If it’s not good enough, it might be another one for the couch! Happy Stitching!


Evenweave progress …


Well, it’s coming along nicely don’t you think? Couple of days progress since my last post and I am encouragingly near the end. Luckily, because I have received my notification that the Blackbird Exchange has started for March. I’m pretty excited as I am new to the exchange concept. For those who don’t know, it’s a group of like-minded crafters who share a common love of a particular designer. They receive a partner and make something for them using patterns from that designer in one month and post off. So, while you are making something for someone, somewhere someone else is making a gift for you! Neat! I’ll keep you posted. Happy Stitching!

Apple Basket ….


This machine pieced, hand quilted, hand appliqued quilt was about three years in the making. Unfortunately there is no photo of the backing, but I waited two years to find just the right apple print too. This was also made before I bought my Grace hand quilting frame from Utah, USA. It was quilted in a small round hoop. Ambitious. For obvious reasons, it went into the cupboard in the summer, far too hot to be sitting under a wool batted centre! Ever quilted with wool? It’s a dream. Cotton, comes in close second. It’s drape and feel, somewhat like a warm hug. This is a Lynette Jensen pattern and I started off doing a number of her quilts. Really lovely, easy instructions and pretty country-style quilts. Her books also have a number of great inspirational ways to display your quilts at home. We use all of our quilts; nothing is a technical masterpiece or show worthy. Why have something if you can’t enjoy it? There is one thing we know for sure, when it starts getting cold in this house, there are nearly enough quilts for everyone! Happy Stitching!