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Hunter’s Star

This was a great pattern and although it wasn’t conventional, it seemed like one of the easiest methods. There are plenty of versions of this pattern out there, some harder than others. But, once started I’m all about finishing spit needs to be easy! Two tone quilts are my ultimate favourite and when completed I always wonder why I don’t make more of these for my home. As a matter of fact, every two tone quilt I’ve done has been given away. This is one for the to-do list for me this year. Happy quilting!




Hunters Star Quilt …….. for a friend

I have a dear friend, who remains out of touch with social media technology, who will be the recipient of this Hunter Star Quilt. I am pretty safe sharing it’s progress online as I am sure it’s existence will remain somewhat buried to him and luckily, as it will be his birthday gift in September. This 60″ square quilt has plenty of cutting and piecing but given its recipient has made me about 7 years worth of bespoke Christmas decorations, I owe the time and more! I am really happy with its progress so far and love the civil war replica fabric called Civil War Melodies, by Judie Rothermel who designs for Marcus Fabrics if you have never used Marcus do yourself a favour as they are a dream to work with. In Australia they are pretty pricey but worth it for special projects. Anyway, back to it. Happy Stitching!


A Baby Quilt

This is my second baby quilt this year. A work colleague has joined me and we have shared the fabric, applique and time to put something together for our friend and work mate who is due to leave work in about 5 weeks. I know I am cutting this one fine and as you can see it is not totally together yet. I’m renowned for modifying a quilt and we really had to with this one, working with what we already had not on what could be bought. What one quilt has everything you love on it! I love going out for cake but don’t care for the extra cream on the side, likewise the quilt pattern had things I didn’t like, so I let them go. Now I am faced with getting the jigsaw to fit. It will I just need time and patience. It will come together! Stay tuned for the final result. Happy Stitching!

A country stroll…for a country-styled quilt


One is never really sure how a quilt present will go over. So there is as much anticipation in the preparation as there is in the giving. Is it the right colour, does it go with their house and more importantly will they like it enough to use it? Lots of questions. When it all boils down to it though, it’s a gift from the heart, with one of the most valuable gifts we have to give, our time. So Happy Birthday Aunty, I hope your quilt is loved and used all the year round. And to my readers, it is testament as to my absence on the blog of late, to get the quilt made by the deadline. Happy Stitching!

Sneak peek ….

It’s been a productive weekend and as you know, I’ve been playing with my scrap bags over the last couple of weeks and I have settled on a theme for my next gift quilt. I’m pretty pleased too, as the scrap bag is yielding some nice results. You do realise when looking back at the scrap bag how much you lean to particular colours. The quilt has country feel. Also my little friend who never ever comes into my sewing room decided that it looked comfortable enough to take a pause, or should I say … paws!! Happy Stitching!!