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Baby Quilt Top …. Done!


Don’t you just love public holidays, they sprout home productivity! Where’s my to do list, this project is all bar done! Off to the machine quilter, about 1/2 hr for binding and we are done. Next item please. Happy Stitching!


A country stroll…for a country-styled quilt


One is never really sure how a quilt present will go over. So there is as much anticipation in the preparation as there is in the giving. Is it the right colour, does it go with their house and more importantly will they like it enough to use it? Lots of questions. When it all boils down to it though, it’s a gift from the heart, with one of the most valuable gifts we have to give, our time. So Happy Birthday Aunty, I hope your quilt is loved and used all the year round. And to my readers, it is testament as to my absence on the blog of late, to get the quilt made by the deadline. Happy Stitching!

Blackbird Exchange Group … Cross stitch exchange group


I am now able to share my partner Stitcher’s gift sent last week as part of the exchange group I joined on blogspot. I’m glad she liked it. Once she gets a taste of those Caramello koalas she may wish I never sent them. Gracie lives in Sun City, Arizona, USA. Happy Stitching!

A gift for baby ….


I know as soon as I post this photo, that its recipient will know who it’s for but half the fun of receiving a quilt is watching it come together. Particularly when the quilter is expedient. I have heard lots of stories in quilt workshops of children half grown before the quilt is received. Rest assured this little black duck is a finisher and a productive one at that.

I have to have my wits about me this year, I have two quilts of my own to finish, a 50th bday this year, and a 50th and a 40th next year! No time to procrastinate. I am: in one of the best age groups, my teenagers have blossomed into young beautiful women (semi independent), 23 years married and blissfully happy, professionally established and securely employed, I have more hobbies than I can muster and see early retirement in the horizon, my next gen in-laws are in the baby making years, what’s not to love! So, we can watch this space, for what I set out to share, patchwork and quilting. This quilt incorporates appliqué which I really love with some piecing. Plus my bet is …. it’s a boy! Happy Stitching!

Red work …


I have been a fan of red work for a few years, you know the red on homespun embroidery. I am even more fond of red and white quilts. When you start quilting, you are heavily influenced by the people around you in class as to what fabric looks best. We all look back at our first few quilts and question what were we thinking. But, you only have to look in your wardrobe to see your colour preferences. If you go with those choices you will rarely be disappointed with your quilt. This quilt made for a close friend’s 40th, 6 years ago, is an example of two colours you will find hard to dislike together. Flannel-backed of course, she lives in Tassie after all.