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Birds of a Feather designs

Gorgeous designs, subtle colour palettes, feminine florals. In progress little pin keep now about half finished. Happy Stitching!20140727-133054-48654568.jpg


Biscornu and other sewing

Biscornu. If you had never heard of this I wouldn’t be surprised as I hadn’t either. French meaning crooked, it’s basically an ornamental pincushion. When you search this in google images you will discover a plethora of designs colours and sizes. Anyway, watch this space. I’ve also been unbelievably busy with a quilt gift now in the hand quilting stage. Hence my tardy updates. Happy stitching!


Hello Stitcher’s!

Holidays! There’s no time for stitching. One is just too busy. However I did manage the February exchange. After 7 long weeks off work over the summer, going back to work brings routine and time for stitching back into my week. I’ve got a lot of projects planned for this year. I have some quilts to make, I thought I’d try my hand at needle punch, and I’ve bought a canning kit! I just thought I’d touch base before all this begins! Happy Stitching!

Fall Exchange

Another needle to evenweave, a few hours on the internet and another stitch exchange. Such fun! For those converts, try evenweave 25ct it’s easier than 28ct believe it or not. The open weave of the 25 is harder to see the stitching holes or maybe it’s the natural homespun style I’m working with. Anyway, the exchanges are thoroughly addictive, the most fun of course is in the return of a stitchery from afar! Happy stitching!

Fall Colour

The only respite from your stitchery? Start another! I have about 4 x-stitch projects going at the moment and no, I don’t have a problem. I’m a typical crafter, multiple projects with a list of projects “to do” and we wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve only recently found a liking for evenweave. I love it! Can’t get enough! As usual, a sneak peek! Happy Stitching!