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Birds of a Feather designs

Gorgeous designs, subtle colour palettes, feminine florals. In progress little pin keep now about half finished. Happy Stitching!20140727-133054-48654568.jpg



Every year I try to make an ornament or two to add to my collection. As I have had such a focus this year on cross stitch, it was only fitting to chain rain the theme. We always try and partake in non financially dependent activities too like having a cookie exchange, making a gingerbread house and filling the season with yummy kitchen smells of cinnamon, mixed spice, apples, mince tarts and cinnamon rolls. Here are a few of the cookie party shots. Happy Stitching!



Home of a Quilter

When life gets busy, our craft time is the first to suffer. I finally finished Home of a Quilter last week. Doesn’t leave me much time for Christmas Craft but there is a month to go yet! I’ll also be on holidays soon so that opens up opportunities to craft away to my hearts content. Happy Stitching!


Fall Colour

The only respite from your stitchery? Start another! I have about 4 x-stitch projects going at the moment and no, I don’t have a problem. I’m a typical crafter, multiple projects with a list of projects “to do” and we wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve only recently found a liking for evenweave. I love it! Can’t get enough! As usual, a sneak peek! Happy Stitching!

Home of a Quilter …

Even though I have been a bit slack on the blogging scene in recent weeks i havenot been unproductive. I’ve been so busy ticking off my list of quilting obligations I have still been able to attend to my stitching. I am nearing the end of ‘Home of a Quilter’ which has been thoroughly enjoyable. I’m also excited to report my attendance at the baby shower on Friday, after which I can do the final baby quilt reveal … Very exciting! Happy Stitching!