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Biscornu finished

Finally finished the crooked pincushion. Happy stitching!20140630-134415-49455532.jpg


Biscornu update …


With one baby overseas holidaying her heart out, the other just home today for a month there may be little time to post. So far so good, and not much of the top to go. Next time we catch up I could be stuffing. Happy Stitching!

Biscornu and other sewing

Biscornu. If you had never heard of this I wouldn’t be surprised as I hadn’t either. French meaning crooked, it’s basically an ornamental pincushion. When you search this in google images you will discover a plethora of designs colours and sizes. Anyway, watch this space. I’ve also been unbelievably busy with a quilt gift now in the hand quilting stage. Hence my tardy updates. Happy stitching!