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Baby Richards Quilt

Finally finished my sister in law’s baby quilt. Gorgeous colours and cute vintage coordinating fabric with cycling elephants, we just need the baby to go on it. Happy stitching!



Baby Quilt Top …. Done!


Don’t you just love public holidays, they sprout home productivity! Where’s my to do list, this project is all bar done! Off to the machine quilter, about 1/2 hr for binding and we are done. Next item please. Happy Stitching!

A gift for baby ….


I know as soon as I post this photo, that its recipient will know who it’s for but half the fun of receiving a quilt is watching it come together. Particularly when the quilter is expedient. I have heard lots of stories in quilt workshops of children half grown before the quilt is received. Rest assured this little black duck is a finisher and a productive one at that.

I have to have my wits about me this year, I have two quilts of my own to finish, a 50th bday this year, and a 50th and a 40th next year! No time to procrastinate. I am: in one of the best age groups, my teenagers have blossomed into young beautiful women (semi independent), 23 years married and blissfully happy, professionally established and securely employed, I have more hobbies than I can muster and see early retirement in the horizon, my next gen in-laws are in the baby making years, what’s not to love! So, we can watch this space, for what I set out to share, patchwork and quilting. This quilt incorporates appliqué which I really love with some piecing. Plus my bet is …. it’s a boy! Happy Stitching!

My baby …


Bonnie the beagle is 11 years old this year. She follows me everywhere and on a good crafting day I really tick her off, because I move around the house a lot. Eventually she gives up and assumes the pose in the photo. Yes she is on my bed, and on my quilt! And, she dribbles!!! But all quilts can be washed. How could you disturb this precious thing?

A pending birth ….

Pram Baby Blanket
Pram Baby Blanket

In my office I have a young girl who is about to have a baby in early February and is leaving us next week.

It refreshes everyone around with talk of birth, baby names and nursery furniture and she will be sadly missed.

To welcome the little “fellow” into the world, I have dusted off the embroidery skills and put floss to wool (actually I did have to do a research refresher by reading a couple of my embroidery books – it’s been a while!).  Anyway, this little gift awaits, on her desk today, for when she comes into the office in the morning.


Wool is an interesting creature to work with and applying the quilting skills was an interesting lesson to learn.  Also, the blanket is probably more suited to Alaskan temperatures as it is wool, wool batting and a flannel back.   So, if she decides to take a walk in arctic conditions the baby will be as warm as toast!!   These skills are not hard, ok, they are skills that benefit from repetition, but they are not hard.  Have a go at some embroidery today.