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Finished Sampler

Finished Sampler


Liebster Award …

I have been nominated for the Liebster Award from Hannah at!


The Liebster Award is given by bloggers to bloggers who have less than 200 followers. Each blogger should answer the questions the tagger has set for you.
Choose eleven new bloggers to pass the award on to and link them in your post.
Create eleven new questions for the chosen bloggers.
Go back to their page and tell them about the award.
Each blogger should post eleven random facts about themselves.
No Tag Backs!!

My 11 Random Facts:

My favorite animal is the otter, really cute.
I am obsessed about finishing, I am the only Quilter I know with less than 5 projects unfinished, I like to think of them “nearly done.”
I really want a studio.
I love hazelnut chocolate and coffee.
My wardrobe contains 80% navy colour
I broke a bone in my right arm pretending I was in the Olympics in my backyard when I was 10!
I wanted to name my first born something that people wouldn’t shorten and we all call her Han, Hannahbanana etc!
I want to travel every year and buy a Christmas decoration from every where I go.
I don’t buy fabric without a project in mind.
I love to cook and if I could live on dessert and not get fat I would.
I love my Beagle.

My Questions from Hannah:

1. What’s your favorite season of the year: Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall? Summer! I love the heat, the fresh food, and the sunshine! Autumn, it’s the best time of year where I live.

2. What’s your favorite wild animal species? The platypus, it’s a weird animal and I’ve seen one several times in the wild.

3. Would you rather live in the mountains, dessert, jungle, valley, or near the ocean?Anywhere that’s green, but preferably the mountains!

4. What’s your favorite item of clothing? My jeans.

5. If you could create any flavor of ice cream what would it be? Caramel Easter egg.

6. What are 3 of your favorite items in your purse right now? Hand sanitiser, iPod and phone.

7. What’s the last book you read? Vampire Diaries

8. Which do you prefer to wear, heels or tennis shoes? Tennis shoes, my heel days are over.

9. What’s your favorite food? Mashed potatoes, cinnabons, pumpkin soup there are heaps of things, I love Mexican too.

10. If you had only two lifestyle choices to choose from and you had to choose only one- Which would you choose: #1 Living in the country raising chickens, milking a cow, and growing a garden (OR) #2 Living a busy city life in the city, calling for a taxi for transportation and ordering out to eat most of the time ? Definitely number 1. I’ve always wanted to live on land, as long as I didn’t have to go to work and could stitch whenever I wanted to.

11. Sweet or Salty? sweet all the way.


This is hard, I’m only new and don’t know too many that are under 200 subscribers.

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My questions are

What is your favourite cotton brand?
Would you want to see into your future?
Would you want to give up work for your hobbies?
What is the last movie you loved?
If you could have dinner with anyone who would it be?
Hand quilt or machine quilt?
What is in your wardrobe you can’t live without?

QUILTER’S SHOPPING in the city .

A weekend in Sydney is such a diversion; the shops, the vibe, the coffee. I do wonder however where the quilting world exists in the city.  A visit to “Australia’s largest embroidery store” in York St affords the shopper of one of only two places in which to shop for quilt/tapestry/sewing notions. The other store, an albeit large, Lincraft store is just another chain store. Do Sydneyites not quilt? Is the pastime a “suburban” hobby? It’s true, quilting stores have never really been abundant in Australia, it’s American sisters still going strong, leave us for dead.  It’s not like it doesn’t get cold here, it certainly does.   I think maybe we have Internet shopped this and other local options extinct.   Quilters are very tactile creators, we have to feel the fabric. After all, the finishing product is against our skin. The internet doesn’t really cut it for me.  Pardon the pun! I am so often disappointed with fabric purchases online. With shops for quilters in decline, it’s such a shame.  I say hail to the shop holder that persists and keeps the gentle arts alive.  Stepping into the York Street store was a welcome city pause which offered a gentle country-like civility, a natural courteousness and willingness to serve with great interest and fine manners. I think this is because people who sew are genuinely interested in one another and what projects they are undertaking.  This happens even when they have never met before, it’s a bond of sorts. The Internet can offer this. Sure, there are forums and chat rooms and google images and Pinterest but nothing replaces human contact like a quilt shop.  Make sure you visit your local sewing store today, it might be the last chance you get before it becomes part of your town’s history.And to all those Sydneysiders who sew, visit 50 York Street today!

Dear mum …..

What’s going on?  There are more visits by that person that leaves papers in the mailbox, there’s a man that comes with mysterious boxes, leaves a piece of paper near the door and leaves with the boxes again??  There’s alot more noise in the neighbourhood this week too, and the neighbours had a party …. on a Wednesday night!! Why is there a tree in the lounge room, bet I couldn’t use it without getting in trouble, and there are pretty covered boxes under it??  What’s going on?  Well, if you won’t tell me, I may as well nap.  Wake me when its over!

Wake me when its over!
Wake me when its over!

A pending birth ….

Pram Baby Blanket
Pram Baby Blanket

In my office I have a young girl who is about to have a baby in early February and is leaving us next week.

It refreshes everyone around with talk of birth, baby names and nursery furniture and she will be sadly missed.

To welcome the little “fellow” into the world, I have dusted off the embroidery skills and put floss to wool (actually I did have to do a research refresher by reading a couple of my embroidery books – it’s been a while!).  Anyway, this little gift awaits, on her desk today, for when she comes into the office in the morning.


Wool is an interesting creature to work with and applying the quilting skills was an interesting lesson to learn.  Also, the blanket is probably more suited to Alaskan temperatures as it is wool, wool batting and a flannel back.   So, if she decides to take a walk in arctic conditions the baby will be as warm as toast!!   These skills are not hard, ok, they are skills that benefit from repetition, but they are not hard.  Have a go at some embroidery today.