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A country stroll…for a country-styled quilt


One is never really sure how a quilt present will go over. So there is as much anticipation in the preparation as there is in the giving. Is it the right colour, does it go with their house and more importantly will they like it enough to use it? Lots of questions. When it all boils down to it though, it’s a gift from the heart, with one of the most valuable gifts we have to give, our time. So Happy Birthday Aunty, I hope your quilt is loved and used all the year round. And to my readers, it is testament as to my absence on the blog of late, to get the quilt made by the deadline. Happy Stitching!


Pinwheels ….


One of the best things about quilting is the scraps. Not just any scraps but those tiny treasures left on the floor at the end of a good day on the rotary cutter.There are quilters all over seen scavenging on their sewing room floor for useable scraps because one day “you might need it” hence the pictured quilt made from left over sewing floor scraps. Happy Stitching!!

Hand Quilted ….


Just a little trip down memory lane with this Lynette Jensen beauty. A hand quilted stipple, appliqued birds and flowers lap quilt that sat on my quilting frame for about a year while I laboriously finished what I wish I hadn’t started. All that stipple! I love the colours ivory, burgundy, country greens and blues. Looking back its a little small for a lap, more suited to a table topper or wall hanging. Just another photo from the vault. Happy Stitching!!

Log Cabin Fever …


Another gift, this quilt for my brother in law, he had gone to a woodworking show and next to it was a quilt show. Knowing how much I love fabric he gathered tools, fabric and books. Great present right, the best! This log cabin was a sinch to construct and the pattern which most attracted me to patchwork/quilting. I love the look of the log cabin and with a few rotations of the blocks can completely change the finished product. The versatility of colour variations can also alter the pattern enormously. Plus this is scrap happy and new fabric friendly. This one is yet another sent to my quilting lady and pick quilting patterns which give another element to the quilt, for example geometric quilt, circular quilting. I do the same with my hand quilting when I have time. Happy Stitching!!!!!

Another Gift …


I made this quilt pattern up for a 40th birthday present. It’s a well known pattern increased to make the piecing easy and quick. Quilt patterns made larger and smaller can be quite challenging as it is easier to have the tools in those sizes, when you use standard tools its a bit of a patch job and that can lead to errors in cutting transferring to errors in piecing and basically a big headache. Anyway this quilt came together well and the colours work well too. Happy Stitching!

It’s done …


The modern marvel of the quilter’s friend, the free motion quilter. It’s back and I think it’s gorgeous. The birthday girl should love it. It’s a really striking pattern. Machine pieced, polyester batting and 100% cotton. What do you think? I don’t feel at all guilty using a quilting lady, I don’t have enough time to hand quilt everything. And, she does an excellent job. Happy Stitching!