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Home of a Quilter …

Even though I have been a bit slack on the blogging scene in recent weeks i havenot been unproductive. I’ve been so busy ticking off my list of quilting obligations I have still been able to attend to my stitching. I am nearing the end of ‘Home of a Quilter’ which has been thoroughly enjoyable. I’m also excited to report my attendance at the baby shower on Friday, after which I can do the final baby quilt reveal … Very exciting! Happy Stitching!


Snowflake blues …

I’m pretty sure this snowflake will do me in, I’ve done more unpicking on this than anything else I’ve done in cross stitch. Lucky for it, it’s as pretty a thing as I’ve seen, as it would be sure to end up as an unfinished object (or UFO) in someone else’s hands. But I am no quitter! I will not let it defeat me! It should be ready by Christmas!!! Happy Stitching!


Snowflake .. Progress


There are those days when all you seem to achieve is lot of unpicking. Put it down to preoccupation, being tired, or just the time of day you pick up your work in progress. This evening has been one of those sessions where I’ve unpicked more than I have stitched. It may also having something to do with the fact that I write this at 12:50am! Which in turn is that compulsion to do “one more row!” Happy Stitching!