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Snowflake ….

A good 5 hours at the hoop today sees the snowflake finally done. What a challenge it’s been, but like all challenges, the struggles become a distant memory when it’s done. I’m pretty happy and it’s very pretty on the opalescent evenweave. Every year I make at least two decorations so I can happily cross the first one off my list. Christmas decoration … tick! Happy Stitching!


Snowflake tragedy …


Ok, so with heavy heart and solemn voice, I report a recent discovery made on a sunny day from my sewing chair. Settling in for a few hours of sewing, I pick up my glasses and stitching to discover, albeit too late, that a large section of my stitching (this challenging snowflake), boasts two different shades of red on my work!!!! Do I stop? Do I keep going and pretend I didn’t see it?? Damn my trip to the DMC counter without my glasses! Damn my eyesight shortcoming!

So, I decide here and now ….. who cares!! It’s going to grace my house for 5 weeks max over Christmas and even if someone does see it, I will boldly declare, ” I think you may have had one too many eggnogs, it’s the same colour, are you mad!” You’ll back me up, right?

Sometimes life isn’t perfect and neither is our art or craft replication, no matter how good our patterns or skills are. As Oscar Wilde once said “Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life!” From now on I will have to carry my glasses at all times, maybe I’ll buy one of those neck chains? Are you mad? I’m far too young for that! Happy Stitching!

Snowflake .. Progress


There are those days when all you seem to achieve is lot of unpicking. Put it down to preoccupation, being tired, or just the time of day you pick up your work in progress. This evening has been one of those sessions where I’ve unpicked more than I have stitched. It may also having something to do with the fact that I write this at 12:50am! Which in turn is that compulsion to do “one more row!” Happy Stitching!

Christmas Ornament


Ok, so I might be a little bit obsessed by this at the moment but I have had snowflakes on the brain all week. Finding just the right snowflake has been the challenge. After a couple of hours searching I found one of a few freebies that will do the trick. I had a day off work today and managed to make some progress. Photo inset. Don’t worry, I’ll be posting progress shots as usual. I also had a chance to post away the Merry Christmas ornament to my reader, so it’s “in the post” as they say. I also had a chance to gather some surprise gifts for my Blackbird (BB) Exchange partner, Gracie, so that was really run too. A little birdie told me she loves chocolate so already we are kindred spirits. Thanks to JuJu for the snowflake pattern, I am going to make mini snowflake ornaments from the pattern. I love your new Fun Stitch 001 English version of your blog!!/read/blog/id/41833609/

Happy Stitching!

Happy Easter and Merry Christmas …

Happy Easter! Some partially cancelled Easter weekend plans has me back in stitching corner today to finish off a present for one of my readers. Yes, one of you will be getting this early Christmas ornament gift.

You will all get to know as we go on, that Christmas is my all time favourite time of year. It’s not about the presents (well, a little bit maybe) it’s about the preparation of the gingerbread house, the turkey, the house decorations and the general goodwill and cheer everybody omits at that time of year.

I start thinking Christmas in about June because I make at least two Christmas decorations every year, a type of tradition for me that I hope will continue through with my girls as they get older and have families of their own. This year, however, I’ve decided to start even earlier and make some gifts for my readers. A sort of thanks for looking, reading and listening. So Merry Christmas, early, from me!! Happy Stitching!

PS I want to thank the designer, she has gorgeous patterns and lovely taste in cross stitch. Check Laura’s site out at The Little Stitcher