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Birds of a Feather designs

Gorgeous designs, subtle colour palettes, feminine florals. In progress little pin keep now about half finished. Happy Stitching!20140727-133054-48654568.jpg


Biscornu update …


With one baby overseas holidaying her heart out, the other just home today for a month there may be little time to post. So far so good, and not much of the top to go. Next time we catch up I could be stuffing. Happy Stitching!

Biscornu and other sewing

Biscornu. If you had never heard of this I wouldn’t be surprised as I hadn’t either. French meaning crooked, it’s basically an ornamental pincushion. When you search this in google images you will discover a plethora of designs colours and sizes. Anyway, watch this space. I’ve also been unbelievably busy with a quilt gift now in the hand quilting stage. Hence my tardy updates. Happy stitching!


Fall Colour

The only respite from your stitchery? Start another! I have about 4 x-stitch projects going at the moment and no, I don’t have a problem. I’m a typical crafter, multiple projects with a list of projects “to do” and we wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve only recently found a liking for evenweave. I love it! Can’t get enough! As usual, a sneak peek! Happy Stitching!

Home of a Needleworker


After a few days away from home it’s nice to get back and nice to pick up the needle. I had a great weekend away, beautiful weather in our home State and a nice visit with my daughter after the formality of work was over on Friday. A visit to Sydney wouldn’t be complete without a visit to my York Street stitching shop for a few supplies either. A little progress shot inset proves my substitute colours are working well. Happy Stitching!

Snowflake progress

Well, it’s really taking shape, slowly but surely. I feel like I’m on the home stretch now and I must say with the unpicking, different colours, complex pattern and the time I usually pick this up at night it’s almost a miracle it has happened. But, I’m rarely one to give up mid flake! Happy Stitching!