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Blackbird Designs Exchange Group


I have received my exchange partners gift today. How exciting to receive a parcel all the way from Arizona! Very spoilt! Happy Stitching!


Blackbird Exchange Group … Cross stitch exchange group


I am now able to share my partner Stitcher’s gift sent last week as part of the exchange group I joined on blogspot. I’m glad she liked it. Once she gets a taste of those Caramello koalas she may wish I never sent them. Gracie lives in Sun City, Arizona, USA. Happy Stitching!

Blackbird Exchange Group …


I think I have mentioned this, but if I haven’t I am going to give it another plug because it is so cool, is a sewing exchange group that I found whilst pulled into the vortex of blogging land late one night, when I should have been sleeping! It’s pretty exciting, and yes “I do get out”, because I could be paired with someone, anywhere in the world, to stitch a little something for her as she stitches for me. Round 12 has commenced and I’m on it. So, while I have been practising, and you have been watching (my cinnamon evenweave) I have been thinking about what to make for my partner. There are rules like with any group and Blackbird Designs Exchange recreates those designs only. In the good spirit of it all, I’ve bought a lovely book (inset photo) with lots of lovely projects anyone would love to receive. The book explores the whole idea of connection with the seamstress, the past and each other. It seems a very fitting theme for this exchange group that it connects us all, no matter where we are. The fact that we are recreating designs from the1830’s would surely make the subject of the book, Mary Murphy (an Irish immigrant who came to Australia in the 1860’s when she was 40 to be a governess) blown away, if only she knew her hand skills and work had been captured in a book in 2013! My little Tuesday night stitch group, the Blackbird Design exchangers and anyone you meet who loves to stitch, are bound by the love of creating something pretty and sometimes useful. It is so wonderful to think our younger stitch group members love it as much as I do. I thank you for joining a league of cross stitcher’s and thank you for rekindling a passion for cross stitch I thought I had given up for quilting. Happy Stitching!