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So gorgeous …

I’m pretty biased when it comes to our dog. Beagles have the best nature. They are faithful, docile and happy companions once you get them past their wreckless youth, which can take up to 5 years. Look, what’s not to love?

This is Bonnie waiting for me to come home.
This is Bonnie waiting for me to come home.


My baby …


Bonnie the beagle is 11 years old this year. She follows me everywhere and on a good crafting day I really tick her off, because I move around the house a lot. Eventually she gives up and assumes the pose in the photo. Yes she is on my bed, and on my quilt! And, she dribbles!!! But all quilts can be washed. How could you disturb this precious thing?

C’mon weekend …

With a weekend close enough to smell the cinnamon buns, thoughts turn again to stitching. A quilt top at the quilters and a deadline before 1st March, I’m really hoping it will be finished and ready for binding by my daughter Maddy’s 19th birthday. This is the burgundy, cream and black quilt I started the blog with. Somehow I see myself binding it in the car on the way to Sydney! I’ll be sure to post a final pic when it’s all done. Might even be a record – from fabric to quilt in 2 months, I could well be impressing myself. Thought I’d share a pic of our precious enjoying the rug.