Quilt frame beginnings …

If anyone out there has a quilt frame and hand quilts, you will relate to this process. The length of time the quilt ends up being on the frame can be lengthy. Some of mine have spent years on the frame, sitting silently in the corner of the room, sometimes draped in a bed sheet, sometimes ignored for months on end. It’s all enthusiasm for me in the beginning, to get it on the frame is one step closer to the quilting part. To take the first few stitches, after the template is chosen, is like setting out on an adventure. I love this part of the process. So much of the quilting process is now farmed out with a view to expediting the time between the machine and the bed. I like to hand quilt the ones I intend to keep. The drape of a hand quilted is like nothing else. The weight, the feel, the texture all adds to its finished charm. Do you hand quilt? It might be a while before I post the finished quilt, but it’s all about the process for me. Happy Stitching!



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