Gingerbread Tradition

For about 5 years I have made gingerbread cookies and a gingerbread house every Christmas with my girls and this year was no exception. I take cookies to work and package them up for guests when they visit. Every Boxing Day,my sister in law has a family gathering and I let the youngest child take a bite or punch in the Christmas G/bread House so everyone can have a piece. This year my youngest daughter wanted to decorate the cookies in a (?swedish) style and they look great. This recipe hasn’t been handed down, it’s a tried and true from Women’s Weekly. Here is the link Australian Women’s Weekly Gingerbread House Recipe. I know Christmas has passed, but tuck this away for next year. The same recipe makes the cookies. It’s the only Recipe I know off where kids eat the cookie as well as the icing. The cookies are soft and far more tasty than store bought packs which can have spices in them little children don’t like. Anyway, enjoy your new year and start thinking about the projects for the new year!



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