Sydney Quilt Fair

syd quilt fairWho’s been to the Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair? ME!!! What a fun show. Now I don’t want to brag too much because the Texas international fair is enormous but there is something nice about the Sydney one too. When you buy something at a stand and they look at your credit card and say “you posted on our Facebook site, right?” That’s pretty personal and pretty cool.

The fair was great. It’s was inspirational, motivational and all those things that re-ignite the quilting passion. Also, I was surprised that I bought fabric, which I rarely do, but a couple of stands were particularly good value. I don’t know if you have heard of it but the Block Loc display sold me. I saw the demo and bought the rulers straight away! Check it out. Bloc Loc Rulers

I didnt forget my friends at SewItall Sew It All where I bought linen for cross stitch which isn’t in this picture But they are really nice people and have lovely fine linen evenweave.

So for anyone looking for that inspiration, once a year in June in Sydney is all the inspiration you will need to feed your creativity through the quilting and stitching year! Happy Stitching!


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