Dear Journal,

I don’t keep a diary of my life but I do keep a journal of my quilts.

My first entry is dated 1999 when I took my first quilt class with my friend Cynthia. It’s mainly handouts and a crooked foundation piece of a little house. I remember looking at the quilt on the wall in that class while our teacher confidently proclaimed “you will make that quilt top in 8 weeks!” None of us believed her. Cynthia and I are still quilting. My quilt teacher also emphasised the importance of labelling our quilts, which I dutifully do for every single quilt. Labels fade and wear, so I decided to journal all my quilting projects. It’s not novel worthy content and won’t win prizes but it contains some important information like why and when the quilt was made, when it was finished, sometimes the fabric manufacturer, what sort of batting, hand or machine quilted and photos. I also put a sample of some of the left over scraps of fabric stapled in the journal, so the fabric too becomes part of the record.

I actually love doing this, and it’s often many months or years in some cases that the journal entry is completed. Like all quilters, I’ve usually got a couple of projects on the go, so I jump a page to leave room and start another entry. So I have taken a couple of shots of my journal, covered in a trial quilted block! This blog is like a quilt journal in a way, just one that I share with others. Do you keep a journal of your quilts? Happy Stitching!




3 thoughts on “Dear Journal,”

  1. WoW ! How organized ! I had used to quilt,, and had thought to make a journal.Just thought…(^^;)
    Your recent quilting project is tempting me to do quilt again!

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