Mother’s Day

I know there will be a lot of fine sentimental statements and emotional wishes today online and maybe some inspiring ones but I thought I would explain what Mother’s Day is for me. I think of my mother and my grandmothers, their strength and determination and how they all took a hand in moulding my character. Our mothers and grandmothers, whose heart ‘is’ the hearth of the family, conjures up memories of conversations over the mixing bowl, next to the sewing machine and by the piano. I spent my childhood growing up around bakers and crafters, their skills almost imparting as if by osmosis. I love these memories. I am sure it is why I love all things sewing today.

20130512-152930.jpg A photo of mum and I (black and white) in 1989, and last year.

20130512-153133.jpg I know my children, even though they never met my grandmother, on my father’s side, will still know some of her character through stories that I recount of my own relationship with her. They certainly remember “little nanna” and have fond memories of her jam roly poly which she was still making well into her late 70’s and her sitting in her baseball cap crocheting, knitting or doing some sort of craft. I can only hope that while my girls are both extremely artistically driven, that this will one day convert into a ‘sewing’ outlet of its own just as it did for my two nanas, my mum and me. My mother is particularly gifted with crafting and dressmaking, one of those women who sees a dress and goes home to “whip it up.” She has dabbled in many types of crafts and continues to do so with precision and class! These women are so inspirational to me, driven and strong. Stronger than they know. So hats off to my mum, and indeed all mums who give us many things crafty as well as much love. Don’t forget though, it is our children we should celebrate today too, because without them we wouldn’t be mothers! Happy Stitching!


2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day”

  1. Well said, You and your Mum look the same in both photo’s. I’m suspicious they were taken in the same year and you photo shopped one to be black and white.

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