Very productive day …

I’ve had a really productive day today. One of those days where everything goes right in the sewing room and the day is long. It started with a clean of the sewing room. After all that applique on the baby’s quilt, it looked like an explosion in a paper shop not to mention the little tiny bits of fabric. It’s not a clean sweep to the bin as most people would think. Most quilters have a little bit of hoarder in them which questions the viability of everything on the floor. Is that bit too small, can I use that bit in something else, is there a use for this minuscule piece of template plastic? We are the original recyclers. When I started quilting a work colleague mentioned she had made quilt top once but never finished. She lugged it into work one day to show me. A classic hexagon, very popular in the 70’s. A recycled masterpiece. Wandering through the fabrics she pointed out her little boy’s clothes, a tennis skirt, a painting smock, a maxi dress. So many memories. I inspired her to finish her quilt top, and I was glad I did, it was a piece of her family history. I look at the baby quilt too and saw little bits of quilts I had made for other people. I told its soon to be owner today that I really want her to use it, not hang it on the wall. I would like to think my quilts are made to be worn to death. Hopefully it’s real owner, due in September, will drag it round the house, have winter naps underneath it, cry and laugh with it and when “he” gets older make tepees, house forts, islands and boats out of it. They are the memories I hope my quilt has a hand in making. Today I started to make another memory, I’ve made my eldest one and now my youngest. No matter whether you sew or not, a needle case is a keepsake and, from your mother, hopefully one that will last a lifetime. So, today, a little wool needle case was created. A little progress shot so far. Happy Stitching!


And now finished 12/5/13:



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