Snowflake tragedy …


Ok, so with heavy heart and solemn voice, I report a recent discovery made on a sunny day from my sewing chair. Settling in for a few hours of sewing, I pick up my glasses and stitching to discover, albeit too late, that a large section of my stitching (this challenging snowflake), boasts two different shades of red on my work!!!! Do I stop? Do I keep going and pretend I didn’t see it?? Damn my trip to the DMC counter without my glasses! Damn my eyesight shortcoming!

So, I decide here and now ….. who cares!! It’s going to grace my house for 5 weeks max over Christmas and even if someone does see it, I will boldly declare, ” I think you may have had one too many eggnogs, it’s the same colour, are you mad!” You’ll back me up, right?

Sometimes life isn’t perfect and neither is our art or craft replication, no matter how good our patterns or skills are. As Oscar Wilde once said “Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life!” From now on I will have to carry my glasses at all times, maybe I’ll buy one of those neck chains? Are you mad? I’m far too young for that! Happy Stitching!


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