Christmas Ornament


Ok, so I might be a little bit obsessed by this at the moment but I have had snowflakes on the brain all week. Finding just the right snowflake has been the challenge. After a couple of hours searching I found one of a few freebies that will do the trick. I had a day off work today and managed to make some progress. Photo inset. Don’t worry, I’ll be posting progress shots as usual. I also had a chance to post away the Merry Christmas ornament to my reader, so it’s “in the post” as they say. I also had a chance to gather some surprise gifts for my Blackbird (BB) Exchange partner, Gracie, so that was really run too. A little birdie told me she loves chocolate so already we are kindred spirits. Thanks to JuJu for the snowflake pattern, I am going to make mini snowflake ornaments from the pattern. I love your new Fun Stitch 001 English version of your blog!!/read/blog/id/41833609/

Happy Stitching!


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