Happy Easter and Merry Christmas …

Happy Easter! Some partially cancelled Easter weekend plans has me back in stitching corner today to finish off a present for one of my readers. Yes, one of you will be getting this early Christmas ornament gift.

You will all get to know as we go on, that Christmas is my all time favourite time of year. It’s not about the presents (well, a little bit maybe) it’s about the preparation of the gingerbread house, the turkey, the house decorations and the general goodwill and cheer everybody omits at that time of year.

I start thinking Christmas in about June because I make at least two Christmas decorations every year, a type of tradition for me that I hope will continue through with my girls as they get older and have families of their own. This year, however, I’ve decided to start even earlier and make some gifts for my readers. A sort of thanks for looking, reading and listening. So Merry Christmas, early, from me!! Happy Stitching!

PS I want to thank the designer, she has gorgeous patterns and lovely taste in cross stitch. Check Laura’s site out at The Little Stitcher



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