Idle hands ….


What’s that saying again? Whatever it is, have them I do not. And, whilst I am no Yoda, I’m never bored. I believe this blog started with me talking quilting, but is turned into a lot of stitchin’ talk hasn’t it? Pictured, is a cross stitch that took me about 5 years to finish. That’s because like most crafters we are distracted by pretty, other projects. We always have the eye patrolling for the next thing. I probably did ten other things between starting this and it ending up framed on my sewing room wall. I’m never idle and never bored. If I’m not stitching, I’m baking, if I’m not baking, I’m at the gym because of too much baking! Either way, idle hands are a waste of good stitchin’ time! Happy Stitching!


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