Evenweave …… What a dream!


For those of you who know me well, you can roll your eyes now because I’ve discovered evenweave and after a quick utube tutorial, I’m away! What a beautiful product. When you are used to the gravel that is aida … evenweave is a dream. Pictured is 28 ct evenweave which converted gives you a pattern the size of 14 ct aida, I love this stuff. OK it’s not for the weak of heart but it’s done over two strands on a nine count block …..hello, are you still listening? Don’t let me lose you now. This is softer than a new chick, and if the feel doesn’t do it for you the look will. This Blackbird Designs pattern, a simple sampler, is shaping up to be the start of my evenweave future! Have I convinced you yet? So what started it you say? I have joined a Blackbird Designs Stitcher’s exchange. Once a month the moderator pairs you with a partner somewhere in the world. You stitch something designed by Blackbirds, Alma Allen and Barb Adams, who design gorgeous quilts and stitcheries and this group of dedicated followers make a stitching partner happy every month. You don’t have to do it monthly, you can accept or decline, depending on how busy you are. I am excitedly awaiting my first assignment. Check out their blog page.


Anyway stay tuned for the finished product. I haven’t forgotten about my other cross stitch I am doing that too!! Happy Stitching!!


5 thoughts on “Evenweave …… What a dream!”

  1. Thanks for the informative post. I’ve not worked on evenweave before. Would like to try one day. Any tips which I need to know before starting? I will also check out Blackbird Design. Sounds like a fun thing to be involved with. Happy Easter. Cheers.

    1. I’ve been cross stitching nearly twenty years and only this year found out about evenweave. You’ll need good eyes or a good magnifier, normal cross stitch needles and check out you tube videos as its over two strands than the usual one. But, it’s a beautiful result. You definitely need a hoop or frame as its impossible to do fine work holding the fabric. Good luck and join the exchange, this round has finished but I got my partner and she is in Arizona and I’m in Australia. Check back here later as I will post a photo of what I made her after she receives it in the post. Thanks for dropping by. Happy Stitching!

      1. Hi Ingue318,

        Thanks for your sharing on how to start. I will look into You-tube.. Heehee.. That’s where I turn to when I need help too. And Yes, I’ve written To Lisa, am waiting for the approval and hopefully I can join in the fun the next round.

        Cheers, Angie.

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