A Stitcher’s Corner …


I am waiting on the quilt’s return for a real update but in the meantime thought I’d share a corner of my sewing room. My mum has these made by our local men’s shed and gave me one for Christmas. It’s a fantastic way to store all my cross stitch cottons. 4 drawers and a storage section under the lid it holds heaps of DMC dust free. Actually she sells them if anyone is interested. I’d love to hear about everyone else’s stitching spaces. How you organise your space whilst maintaining that creativity zone. Happy Stitching!


6 thoughts on “A Stitcher’s Corner …”

  1. This is a great idea! I only have little plastic boxes that can’t close unless the thread is lying on its side. I’ll have to be on the look out for a good organizer like this!

    1. Thanks Hannah. Are you in Australia, my mum sells that size and a smaller one. There are heaps of plastic ones out there too. Before the box I had them in plastic boxes which were good too. Happy Stitching!

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