Go Easy …


When babies are born we have 9 months to prepare, but with busy lives, full time work and family commitments we are lucky to get a quilt together at all. But why do we think it has to be something complex? When my sister in law (SIL) was pregnant, I had a lot going on in my own life but looking at my stash, I remembered some fabric given to me by my mother in law contained a school uniform fabric this very SIL wore to primary school. While most of us think this would be a big turn off, couple it with some vintage fabric in like colours, a quick and easy pattern and you have a simple quilt fit for any baby. Even one with meaning.

Most quilters keep nearly every scrap they create knowing someday it will be just the right piece for another quilt. We are great recyclers. Quilters also have odd fabric given to them, and while some of those donations are not always suitable for quilting, the good quality and durable cottons hold up really well. We often think about making something flashy and take on more than we can chew just to impress. So, when the baby is pending and you don’t think you’ll do it in time, go easy on yourself and make something simple. Your gift recipient will be thrilled to receive something handmade no matter what the pattern and as it turns out here, the fabric either. And, one more bonus, using recycled and repurposed fabric reduces that groaning stash (making room for more fabric).


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