A quilter’s quandary …

I’ve noticed, watching many quilt shows over the years, that when a quilter (Q) hits the ” made it big” circuit it usually follows a book launch or other like promotion. The Q often gets stuck doing the same thing or variations of it. They settle into a specialty so to speak. That can be anything from Baltimore Album, folk art, contemporary or other traditional forms of an expression of their artistry. Likewise Q also often get stuck in the rut of doing things they know how to do. And why not? It’s easy right? I’m guilty of it. So, to throw a cat in the pigeons, I made this quilt to, “see if I could.” And luckily, for this story, it all worked out. This birthday quilt, made of “men’s colours” has the odd imperfection, but it wouldn’t be patchwork if not for that.



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