Hand quilted with love


Looking back again, at some of my earlier work, this quilt has some of my best hand quilting. It took two and a half years to hand quilt and was done over several winters on a lap frame. A few years later my quilting floor frame from Grace Frames arrived so i could hand quilt in and season, but nothing feels as good as hand quilted drape. It’s cosier and heavier, just nicer. I send a lot of my quilts, that I give away as gifts,to a lady who machine quilts and she does a great job. They do survive a lot longer if they are going to be heavily used and laundered. It is always my hope that when I do give one away it will be used to death, but some people protect the quilt by not using it as much as it should be, in order to protect it from wear. These aren’t competition quilts, they are meant for every day use. When I look at the quilt I don’t see the piecing, if I have hand quilted it, I remember the time in my life that the quilt was being created. The hand quilting process is as much, if not more, important than the piecing I believe. It is a lot slower and in our busy lives where everything including our need for gratification, is instant, it is a reminder that things are worth waiting for. I look forward to the day, when I retire from work, to hand quilt every single one. If you own one, love it, use it and think about the quilter, whoever she was, working her quilt as a labour of love.


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