QUILTER’S SHOPPING in the city .

A weekend in Sydney is such a diversion; the shops, the vibe, the coffee. I do wonder however where the quilting world exists in the city.  A visit to “Australia’s largest embroidery store” in York St affords the shopper of one of only two places in which to shop for quilt/tapestry/sewing notions. The other store, an albeit large, Lincraft store is just another chain store. Do Sydneyites not quilt? Is the pastime a “suburban” hobby? It’s true, quilting stores have never really been abundant in Australia, it’s American sisters still going strong, leave us for dead.  It’s not like it doesn’t get cold here, it certainly does.   I think maybe we have Internet shopped this and other local options extinct.   Quilters are very tactile creators, we have to feel the fabric. After all, the finishing product is against our skin. The internet doesn’t really cut it for me.  Pardon the pun! I am so often disappointed with fabric purchases online. With shops for quilters in decline, it’s such a shame.  I say hail to the shop holder that persists and keeps the gentle arts alive.  Stepping into the York Street store was a welcome city pause which offered a gentle country-like civility, a natural courteousness and willingness to serve with great interest and fine manners. I think this is because people who sew are genuinely interested in one another and what projects they are undertaking.  This happens even when they have never met before, it’s a bond of sorts. The Internet can offer this. Sure, there are forums and chat rooms and google images and Pinterest but nothing replaces human contact like a quilt shop.  Make sure you visit your local sewing store today, it might be the last chance you get before it becomes part of your town’s history.And to all those Sydneysiders who sew, visit 50 York Street today!


One thought on “QUILTER’S SHOPPING in the city .”

  1. Hi and thanks for visiting my photography site. I put quilting in my tags and then you only find my cat sitting on the fabric, so I will upload quilt post soon! I just found out about “petting fabric” from my sister, who is a serious, full-time quilter. So funny. Good luck in your sewing year.

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