Thoughts turn to patchwork …

WIth Christmas over, the tree packed for another year, thoughts turn to quilting. The first project for the year, use up the christmas present voucher at my local stitching shop “Simply Stitches” and buy some fabric. Daughter in tow, 10 mins later and fabric is purchased for a quilt! Now, I never usually buy fabric without the project in hand. As we all know, we get down to the last few rotary cuts only to find that you are about to run out and when you get back to the shop, to find its all gone … it’s disastrous. But, in the spirit of my gap year, and the compelling urge to start my quilting year straight away, fabric is purchased by the guestimate measure.


Anyway, pictures inset show the progress to date. I have three blocks to go and ??? fingers crossed, there is enough fabric. Oh by the way, Happy New Year!

Free pattern for Meixcan Star from Quilt in a Day (




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