A pending birth ….

Pram Baby Blanket
Pram Baby Blanket

In my office I have a young girl who is about to have a baby in early February and is leaving us next week.

It refreshes everyone around with talk of birth, baby names and nursery furniture and she will be sadly missed.

To welcome the little “fellow” into the world, I have dusted off the embroidery skills and put floss to wool (actually I did have to do a research refresher by reading a couple of my embroidery books – it’s been a while!).  Anyway, this little gift awaits, on her desk today, for when she comes into the office in the morning.


Wool is an interesting creature to work with and applying the quilting skills was an interesting lesson to learn.  Also, the blanket is probably more suited to Alaskan temperatures as it is wool, wool batting and a flannel back.   So, if she decides to take a walk in arctic conditions the baby will be as warm as toast!!   These skills are not hard, ok, they are skills that benefit from repetition, but they are not hard.  Have a go at some embroidery today.



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