A well earned study break …

I’ve been studying on and off for the last few years and Ive decided, I’m having a break next year!  There aren’t many days that go by where I don’t think of going in my sewing room, if not for a few hours but a few days. When I had my major study commitments, I would sometimes just walk in there and “stand” knowing I couldn’t start anything for fear of not being able to stop.  Standing was somewhat reassuring and calming.

Embroidery Scissor Keeper

I have had the recent good fortune to travel to Canada and the States again this year. Great trip, great company too with my husband’s family joining us for most of the trip. When the month was up, we parted – the majority of the family going home while we continued for another week.  I have been waiting for this for 10 years, the Houston International Quilt Fair!  It was everything and more.   Michael had gone off to NASA for the day and actually, I probably preferred  to be alone as I was able to go around more than once, or go back and have another look. It was enormous.  My 6 hours flew and all I  managed was to get around was the vendor booths – all 2,100 of them.  It was quilters heaven!  I even met Alex Anderson (quilting guru) and she was pretty cool.

Christmas Stocking with Mill Beads, cross stitch

When we finally got home (Australia) and things settled (ie my last assignment done for the year), I cleaned my sewing room.  I hadn’t had time to really look at my Houston goodies, getting straight back to work.  I made a strong commitment in Houston not to purchase any fabric so nearly everything was a pattern. With our luggage allowance purchasing fabric would have tipped the balance!.  Anyway, settled, I looked at one of the patterns I had bought in Houston, thinking it was best to start small and get the creative juices flowing.  You know, quilting has done so much for my sewing skills.  While I have a taken a few classes, I am self educated in that regard and have read a lot about quilting.  Prior to quilting I could sew curtains but that was about it.  Back to point, without quilting I would not have been able to make the little embroidery scissor keeper seen on the right – there are a lot of expectations placed on the consumer about assumed knowledge. I don’t think I would have been able to do this without some quilting under my belt.  Of course, the first one takes the longest and the second one just a jiffy.  I had two made in two hours and gave one to my sister in law, Alex.  Another purchase was from a gorgeous cross stitch stand.  Every pattern had been made up so you could see the final product.  Cross stitch and mill beads.  They were all gorgeous. I love the Christmas season, so I purchased a christmas stocking and a christmas snowflake.  Stay tuned for the final products.

I was originally a cross stitcher, a cheap hobby (except when you get to the framing) which kept me out of trouble when my girls were small.  So, its my original love.   I recently formed a family sewing group showing the younger family members how to cross stitch.  We meet at each others houses every Tuesday night to stitch.  So I have rekindled that love again too.  Maybe I will post some of my already framed pieces.  See below my 2012 christmas decorations for the tree this year, these adorable 3 x 3 inch squares look good padded or flat, a nice family heirloom, and yes they are quilt blocks from my favourite cross stitch magazine Cross Country Stitching from Jeremiah Junction http://www.crosscountrystitching.com/CCShome.html.  Anyway, coffee is calling.  Happy sewing until next time.
2012 Christmas Cross Stitch Decoration

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